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Who is Reham Khan | PakistanTribe.com

Who is Reham Khan | PakistanTribe.com

ISLAMABAD  –  Reham Khan is a British Pakistani Journalist, anchor person who is now a days in a strong rumors of being wife of Imran Khan.

Reham Khan Born in Libya on April 3, 1973 ( Age is now 41).According to VOA,Reham’s parents are basically belongs to Swat valley.
Her parents then went back to Pakistan with their three Children, Muneer, Salma and Reham .They moved back from Libya when Reham was 2 years old.

Reham then went to Presentation Convent School in Peshawar in Pakistan. She got married to her cousin Ijaz Rehman in Abbotabad and moved to the UK with him. Reham is and has been a Pakistani National only since birth, but applied for British Citizenship after Marrying Ijaz Rehman.

Reham had three children with Ijaz Rehman one son called Sahir, and two daughters Ridha and Inaya Rehman. Sahir studies in the University of Southampton, daughter Ridha is also attended University in UK and Daughter Inaya now lives with Reham in Islamabad and goes to Froebels School in Islamabad.
Reham divorced her husband after 16 years of marriage because she fell in Love with another cousin of hers called Sohaib
Mufti who came to stay with Reham’s family in UK from Abbotabad. Reham flirted with numerous men during the course of her marriage and that is the reason why her husband Ijaz Rehman could not trust her anymore, and they both had alot of fights and arguments over it and Reham later filed for divorce to marry someone else who she was having an affair with.

Reham only has her High school certificate from Pakistan, and at age 37 she went to North Lindsey College to get a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. She is not very educated. She started working for Fons Vitae Beauty Salon in Hull, later She worked for BBC South Today as a Weather Presenter and in Radio. She still is financially supported by her ex husband Ijaz Rehman….
In her Divorce Settlement she got 100,000 pounds cash, a house in the UK, 2000 pounds monthly payments, child support for each of the 3 children, and even a pension account that she will access when she is 65 yrs old.

Property in Pakistan and UK was also divided.Ijaz Rehman has now Re-married to another woman called Doctor Samavia Rehman, and has two children with her.
Reham was recently in a relationship with a 21 year old British Man in the UK, but he refused to Marry her, so Reham left for Pakistan. Reham lost her Job in BBC after BBC did DQF job cuts in 2012.
Reham came to Pakistan and started working here. She has worked for Aaj Tv, but after being fired by Aaj Tv, she applied to PTV, & also to News 1. She now works for Dawn News.
Her sister Salma Nayyar is divorced and has 3 sons and lives in Islamabd with Reham’s mother.
Her father Nayyar Khan died a few years ago, he used to pray 5 times a day, Her phupo and most of her family members still live in Abbotabad. Her nieces in Pakistan and America are Zarmina Mufti, Sarah Mufti, Maidah Ahmad, Naaima Mufti, Aiza Khan,Asma Mufti, Zainab Faisal and Nephews, Osman Mufti, Osama Mufti, Haris Mufti, Jibran Khan, Abubakr Khan, Behram Khan & Yousaf Khan and many others, who are also married, and Reham is the grandmother to their children.



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