Pakistani Iron Man Stops 22 Wheeler Brake-Failed on Motorway

Pakistani Iron Man Stops 22 Wheeler Brake-Failed on Motorway |

Pakistani Iron Man Stops 22 Wheeler Brake-Failed on Motorway |

ISLAMABAD – The most epic, adventurous & most viral video coming out of Pakistan in recent years. A brave Pakistani man stopped 22 wheeler truck whose brakes had been failed on Motorway.

This incident happened on 3rd January, 2015 on Motorway (Salt Range) when a 22 seater huge truck got out of control and running on the road without any driver, being potentially dangerous for every car passing by on the road. Mr. Athar Yad Ali, a very brave man, got out of his car, ran behind the truck, got into it and stopped the truck. Watch the video after the jump and appreciate this real hero who put his life in danger to save others.

At first, the kids in the car were enjoying the scene of a monstrous truck hitting the road sides and running free without any driver, making a Hollywood movie like scene but they started to freaking out as soon as they realized what their dad is going to do.

Everyone in the car including his wife and children tried to stop him but the man was confident enough and he did it. Salute to his bravery.

Wife of Mr. Athar Yad Ali, Shaista Ali Khan said “My husband my hero. This is one of reasons I loved , I love and I will keep loving you Athar Yad Ali. This happened on motorway salt range today. We saw a 22 wheeler driverand his 2nd Seater jumped out of it as the breaks of this monster failed. Athar Yad Ali ran and sat in it to take control and got it to safe stop after 2 km of trying different ways to stop it. He was appreciated by MW police and so many people who saw him doing thisact of bravery.”

I was shouting loud behind my kids who started running after their father. It’s nice to see such scenes in movies but it was so scary in real life. The 2 km drive that he did was unbelievable as I saw ” moah ka nanga nach” on motorway.

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