Investigation Team Will Use Acoustic Equipment For Crashed AirAsia

Investigation Team Will Use Acoustic Equipment For Crashed AirAsia.PakistanTribe.Com

Investigation Team Will Use Acoustic Equipment For Crashed AirAsia.PakistanTribe.Com

JAKARTA – Rescue operation for the recovering of bodies of crashed AirAsia plan, which was carrying 162 people  has disturbed and slow due to harsh weather, PakistanTribe received international media reports.

Five days passed but no reports have been received about the reason of crash of plane as the black box has not found yet.

Officials involve in investigation and rescue operation earlier said it may take up to a week to find the black boxes, which investigators hope will reveal the sequence of events in the cockpit and in the heavily computerized jet’s systems.

The Indonesian-led search for the wreck of Flight QZ8501 is centered in the northern Java Sea, close to the Karimata Strait, where search teams have recovered bodies and pieces of the plane. Previous reports of a sonar image showing the plane body in the water have not been confirmed, officials said.

France’s crash investigation agency said late Thursday a ship with two hydrophones, or underwater acoustic detection devices, was due to arrive at the scene early on Friday with French, Singaporean and Indonesian experts aboard.

Even in bad weather, the search for the AirAsia jet is unlikely to be as technologically challenging as the two-year search for an Air France Jet that crashed into deep Atlantic waters in 2009 or the so far fruitless search for Malaysian Flight 370 which disappeared last year.

So far, at least seven bodies have been recovered from waters near the suspected crash site, along with debris such as a suitcase, an emergency slide and a life jacket.

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