New Zealand Militant Accidentally Reveals Location in Syria

New Zealand Militant Accidentally Reveals Location in Syria |

New Zealand Militant Accidentally Reveals Location in Syria |

DAMASCUS – An ISIL Takfiri militant from New Zealand has accidentally revealed his where abouts in Syria  by posting tweets, learnt from International media.

A jihadist from New Zealand who has joined the Islamic State in Syria, has accidentally given up his exact location by sending out tweets, according to a Canadian intelligence group.The extremist has deleted the tweets.

Mohammad Daniel, also known as Abu Abdul Rahman, and formerly known as Mark John Taylor sent out more than 45 tweets documenting his whereabouts before realizing that it may have been a mistake.

“Unfortunately for him we captured all of them prior to him removing the tweets and will discuss the value of the intelligence they contained,” Canada-based open source intelligence research groupiBRABO, which spotted the failure, said in a press-release.

Tracking terrorists in this way is of immense value to intelligence services trying to establish the whereabouts of jihadists, iBRABO stressed.

“In this manner, they can better justify potential criminal charges against the individual and at the very least build grounds for their detention and investigation upon their return,” the agency’s Jeff R Weyers wrote.

“Taylor isn’t the first jihadist to broadcast his whereabouts via social media and in fact looking at the battlefield in Syria we see fighters from Canada, France, and other western countries making the same mistake.”

Because of his actions, iBRABO could trace Kiwi Jihadi to a specific house that he had “predominantly used” between December 3 and December 10. Subsequent tweets showed that he had been moving.

“No doubt this is a better alternative than being targeted by a drone strike or any group with the operational capabilities to target his short lived home in Al Tabqah,” Weyers added.

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