Madrassas Are Bearing The Cost Of Wrong Decisions Of Government; Hafiz Hussain

Madrassas Are Bearing The Cost Of Wrong Decisions Of Government; Hafiz Hussain.PakistanTribe.Com

Madrassas Are Bearing The Cost Of Wrong Decisions Of Government; Hafiz Hussain.PakistanTribe.Com

QUETTA – Jamiat Ulama e Islam (JUI) Secretory Information Hafiz Hussain Ahmad said that Madrassas are bearing the cost of wrong decisions of governments, PakistanTribe learnt from media sources.

Hafiz Hussain Ahmad -Secretory Information JUI- says that Madrassas are bearing the punishment of wrong policies of governments. He said that all the wrong decisions taken by the governments will give results as a punishment to madrassas.

He criticized the civil society and said that civil society is the mouth organ of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) who have no clear agenda. He said that NGOs protest against and for someone only on the cost they were paid by their donors.

He said that in the time of General Zia ul Haq all the Taliban were good but the discrimination started in Musharraf era where good and bad Taliban were categorized and now all the good and bad have been mixed.

He condemned the School Attack and said that those Taliban have nothing to do with Islam.

However he criticized the policies of government against Madrassas and said that madrassas are under blame by government about every terrorist activity.

It is worth mentioning that two days ago Jamiat Ulmae Islam F (JUI- F) leader Maulana Fazalu Rahman said that Madrassas are being targeted on the name of terrorism by action plan committee.

Maulana Fazlur Rahman said that government is targeting the Madrassas without any evidence of involvement in terrorism. He said that no one can prove that the hanged terrorists and the terrorists who are to be hanged soon are from Madrassas.

He criticized on the governmental policies that government has issued more than 7,000 visas to the foreigners. He also pointed out the free movement and activities of Black Water in the country. He blamed that the actual responsible are forgotten and the religious schools are targeted.

He also talked about the Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that government has no check on the activities of NGOs and no one knows what type of data they are collecting from here.

He said that government had banned the registration of Madarassas from 1991 to 2004 and then in Musharraf era after continuous efforts of Madrassas an governments registration Ordnance was approved. He added that hitting the madrassas is a direct FIR against them.

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