Bata focused online audience with eCommerce portal in Pakistan

Bata focused online audience with ecommerce portal in Pakistan | PakistanTribeISLAMABAD – Top shoe brand in Pakistan, Bata is focusing more on online community as the company publicizing its eCommerce portal, reported.

Though the initiative is not new as the company already launched its online store in Middle East, India and Africa but in Pakistan it’s considered as first-move in the category.

Earlier, Bata was on the point that the online portal was launched to deal with ‘out of stock’ problem but promoting eCommerce website with its Television commercials (ATL) seems more than that.

Bata Pakistan started in 1942, included its online store promotion in recent advertisement related to the company’s fall winter collection.

Pakistan has a good numbers of online users with more than 40 million users who search and compare brands before buying it.

The Shoe Company believes that the response for online portal is very good. One can easily order for his/her shoe style in any size and the advantage is that it never goes out of stock.

“That’s not surprising in a scenario where young people are enthusiastic about using technology to do new things and most are addicted to social networking sites”.

Many Pakistani and International brands from the category are using social media to access and engage digital community but starting brand’s owned eCommerce portal is still considered as acceptation.


You belong to digital sphere, want to secure your time and avoid hassle to visit market, then Bata Pakistan’s online portal can be a good option. Bata’s online store accepting payments through cash-on-delivery and Telenor’s branchless banking service easypaisa.

Serving one million consumers globally each day, Bata has been influencing trends and dressing consumer’s feet with elegance and character for 120 years throughout the world since its founding by Thomas Bata in 1894.

Bata Pakistan is serving its customers through a strong retail network comparising of more than 400 retail outlets, 467 registered wholesale dealers, 13 wholesale depots, 28 wholesale distributors and 41 DSP wholesale franchise accross the country.

Beside catering local market, Bata Pakistan also shows its presence in an international footwear market through its export department which is constantly exploring new potential market in order to earn foriegn exchange.

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