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Spirit of Pakistan is alive | PakistanTribeThese days pinpointing a single issue for writing a blog on the issues of Pakistan has become a big challenge as the nation faces multitude of problems. Terrorism , Economics and Insurgency etc . Coming from Karachi gives you extra load of issues to discuss and worry about.

Was attending a sales conference few days ago and the speaker their told us that its better one should resign being the CEO of the world . Means that one should stop worrying about issues of the whole world and focus on the job at hand.

Coming Pakistan and especially from Karachi it’s a difficult choice to have. Time and again I have expressed the desire that one day I would like to return to my beloved homeland and await the day and I hope that its not in a box but hopefully in a First Class seat of an airplane. But as one age and no clear sight of resolution I have a fear that the former is the mode of transportation and I despise. Anyways , one thing which really encourages me is the group of many individuals who are providing resistance as hidden or unsung heroes who are fighting off from letting Pakistan get pulled down into an abyss.

The last few weeks in Dubai has given me more and more reasons to feel the way that Pakistan decline gets arrested every now and then due to some of the good people around us. A few weeks ago attended an auction for raising monies for a charity called The Citizens Foundation along with Dubai Care for Pakistan and was proud to see the achievements of these group of individuals. The icing of the cake was that they brought along one of their sponsored students who worked evening shifts at a textile mill and study in the day to graduate from IBA Karachi. The roar of applause from the different cross sections of the society made me proud of TCF , my dear IBA and nevertheless the spirit of Pakistan which is there in this form.

A few days later at another such event called Pakistan Change Initiative showcasing Pakistan’s positive and its spirit bumped into The Care foundation representative in Dubai who had a similar Sir name as mine and was pleased to learn how they have chipped in to ensure access of education to the poor of the country.

Then again attended another Pakistani seminar here in Dubai where the CEO of Aman Foundation was a speaker . The presentation, the achievement , the thought and the commitment did not let me off the edge for a single moment. It made me feel that what I witness here today is just not a local institute but a global institute which is striving to put Pakistan on the world map and infact becoming a beacon of hope in the chaos of Karachi as it provides not only education, training but also healthcare facilities. Was amazed to know the interest some of the politicians have shown to take assistance of theirs to improve upon in their areas of sphere. But unfortunately these are very few if not none.

We Pakistanis are socially active people and these are the people who kept the flag floating high and the spirit of Pakistan shining. Being part of Pakistan’s Professionals Wing or PPW; seeing them to ensure that children of poor laborers living in the Middle east get a chance to educate themselves by ensuring facilities and access to free education further makes me proud to see that how now and then our Pakistanis rise for each other whilst our politicians take a hit at each other at every opportune moment.

April 2002 whilst I waited for the ambulance to arrive for my mother who was failing her struggle against Cancer . I anxiously waited at two in the morning and hoping that the Edhi Ambulance arrive on time and when I saw the siren bellowing away in a distance knowing that my mother’s pain was limitless gave me a joy with tearful eyes. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the son who has filled a large vacuum in Karachi where every one takes a bite off it . He has given his life for the same city. If I would celebrate Pakistan I would celebrate him.

Whilst our nation see eye to eye with terrorism of Talibans . We see daughters like Malala Yousufzai rise who spread Pakistan’s name in the positive light in front of the world where courts are involved globally to prosecute Pakistanis for crimes against humanity. Where Pakistan is seen a beacon of terrorism . Malala has shown the world that not all of us are like that .

I am sure there are many unsung heroes in the country. Those foundations, charities, trusts and even some political parties like MQM’s Khidmat e Khalq foundation who are seen whether its an earthquake in Kashmir, floods in Sindh, earth quake in Baluchistan or let me the multitude terrorist attacks in Karachi . Their volunteers are seen bravely going into the unseen to provide the relief. Its unfortunate that the venom against MQM makes us forget this one of the only politically organized public service organizations in the country who has contributed much . Sometime I wonder why not every other party has the same. Only Jamaat e Islami of all its ills can boast of Al Khidmat . But across the board no other political party especially PPP who has achieved all records of corruption has invested in any thing like this in their areas of influence . I doubt even a clinic has been built though PTI can boast of Imran Khan’s individual effort of SKMT and Nawaz Sharif has built Sharif Hospitals in Lahore as well but due to individual effort not through the effort of their party.

But Pakistanis. Whilst every day we loose hope in the country . We should not forget these selfless and tantamount efforts occasionally which I feel give Pakistan a booster or injection of hope which keeps it afloat. Again , doing good its not a few people’s job. Its everyone’s responsibility to what ever extent possible with a sense of responsibility towards humanity and also because our religion teaches us the same.

I am sure . We would all keep the spirit of Pakistan afloat. And I am sure if God Willing the day of salvation is not far where again our nation would be known for its assets means its people and their hard work but not due to its evils . I would wait for that day and hope to return to Pakistan of my dreams on my two feet soon. Pakistan Zindabad!

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Danish Kazi is a business graduate from IBA Karachi, a blogger and a political commentator who strongly believe in resolving issues of Pakistan through debate. A strongly opinionated individual who stand in what he believes.

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