Australian Paceman Mitchell Johnson Says ‘Mind Games’ Will Never End

Australian Paceman Mitchell Johnson Says 'Mind Games' Will Never End |

Australian Paceman Mitchell Johnson Says 'Mind Games' Will Never End |

SYDNEY – ¬†Mitchell Johnson, a prime architect in Australia’s second Test win over India in Brisbane, has reinforced the importance of “psychological warfare”, arguing it is imperative to intimidate the opposition.

In a new DVD titled ‘Mitchell Johnson: Bouncing Back,’ he has elaborated on many of the recent key cricketing issues, including overwhelming England last season to win the Ashes.

Johnson emphasised how critical to the series victory was the team plan to intimidate the England batting – in particular the tail. He also explained how he was also grateful that he injured himself while in South Africa in 2011, as it made him a better bowler.

When talking about the mental approach, Johnson said: “Sometimes we say stupid things when we’re out there.

“Sometimes we try and say things that hopefully get into the batsmen’s heads a little bit. We try to get them to think about their feet, or just let them know you are going to bowl another short ball. It’s all mind games.

“Sometimes it might look a little different on TV. It might look as if we’re going a bit too hard at each other, and sometimes it could be a bit over the top. But we’re always trying to stay inside the guidelines.

“If you can get into someone’s mind by speaking to a batsman and tell them that their feet aren’t going anywhere, hopefully they’ll start to think about that. You then bowl a short one at them, and you’re in their head. I love that part of the game. I think it’s great. And I don’t think it’s ever going to stop.”

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