What We Lost in Peshawar

What We Lost in Peshawar | PakistanTribe.com

What We Lost in Peshawar | PakistanTribe.com“Mama, look… I am taller than you now”, exclaimed the little one with joy when he stood beside his mother proudly measuring his height towering a bit over his mother’s. The happiness and excitement in his beautiful voice made the mother say to her husband, “Are you listening, he is even taller than his mother now, we should start looking for a bride then!” The happy family on the breakfast table shared their sentiments joyfully. “Mama”, he shouted from the doorway, “Pray for me, I am going to give the toughest exam of my life”. He said smilingly, and disappeared. Mother with all her heart prayed for the success of her son, waving her hand to bid him goodbye… Not knowing that it was the final farewell she is biding to her.

“How is your preparation?” he asked meeting his best friend in the school corridor. “Well, my preparation is too good, hoping to score distinction in this subject”. The two friends entered the examination room and settled down on their respective seats. “Did you hear something?” one of the student asked his neighbor, when he heard a chaos behind the walls. The angry teacher shouted, “What is the matter with you? Concentrate on your paper and do not…!” Her sentence was unable to complete that the door banged and men with guns entered the hall shouting and bursting fire on to the students chests, eyes, forehead… one after one the living one were turned into corpse. The blood floated everywhere; the hall of examination became the slaughter house.

Who are they? What they want, one of the shivering voice from the corner of the room whispered, please ask them not to kill me, my mother will not be able to bear to see my body in coffin, please ask him to have mercy… the poor kid was unable to persuade the beast who put his revolver on his little skull and BANG!

These culprits beast are worst than the animals who will be rotten in the deepest core of hell. They are coward enough to face of brave men that they have slaughtered their little angels. We are all together to show them that we are not coward, our chests are open for as many bullets they want to fire into them. We won’t let them hurt our country and we will proudly lay our lives in the protection of our beloved nation.

The entire nation is full of tears and mourning the death of those who laid their lives bravely. The sacrifice of the little angles has brought the entire nation together. Every eye is weeping, every heart is throbbing, but the only voice that can be heard from each little grave is… Don’t cry over our corpse, we are not dead! We are alive, we are eternal, and we are Shuhda, the sons of this nation.

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