Sony E-mail Hack Reveals Producer’s Remarks on Angelina Jolie

Sony E-mail Hack Reveals Producer's Remarks on Angelina Jolie |

Sony E-mail Hack Reveals Producer's Remarks on Angelina Jolie |

NEWYORK- Leaks of Sony e-mails have revealed that producer Scott Rudin claimed actress  Jolie is “seriously out of her mind” for the ideas she put forward about the once-planned remake of Elizabeth Taylor’s “Cleopatra”.

In an email exchange originally between Rudin, Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal and Jolie herself, the actress is at one point taken out of the chain of messages so that she can be talked about behind her back.

Obtained by Hollywood news website Defamer, the exchange begins with Rudin and Pascal discussing the possibility of getting director Davin Fincher for “Cleopatra”, something which ultimately did not happen.

At one point, the film even manages to score a huge director in Martin Scorsese, and Jolie’s so desperate to work with him that she says to Rudin: “Let me know if there is anything I should be doing. Like getting on a plane and begging Marty.”

It’s then revealed that Scorsese is booked up until 2016 so the search goes on for a director, and when Jolie tells both Rudin and Pascal she’s going over the films of some new directors to consider getting onboard, she’s taken off the chain by Rudin, who sends a message directly to Pascal reading: “Kill me now. Immediately.”

No directors end up working out, and talk moves on to changing the film to the classic Shakespeare version of the story – Antony and Cleopatra – with Jolie in the lead role and a big male name for the other lead role.

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