First Zero-Gravity 3-D Printer

First Zero-Gravity 3-D Printer |

First Zero-Gravity 3-D Printer |

NEWYORK- First zero-gravity 3-D printer manufactures wrench in the International Space Station  in less than a week, reported.

A zero-gravity 3-D printer manufactured a socket wrench in the International Space StationThe printer is the first of its kind and produced the wrench in less than a week

Other objects were previously printed in outer space, but the wrench was the first to be designed, tested, and printed to the ISS without previous testing

Getting supplies to astronauts on the International Space Station can be a long, costly process and, unfortunately, UPS doesn’t deliver to outer space.

However, this week, thanks to Made In Space’s Zero-Gravity 3-D Printer, astronaut Barry ‘Butch’ Wilmore got a ratcheting socket wrench he needed uplinked or transmitted to him in space.

Since its launch in September, the 3-D printer has made a total of 21 objects aboard the ISS, according to Business Insider, those objects had previously been tested on the printer with back-up files created.

On December 17, MIS designed, qualified, tested, and printed the wrench in space in less than a week.Unlike the 21 objects printed before it, the wrench’s design did not exist when the printer was first launched.

The wrench took four hours to print and the entire process took less than a week, International media reports. The tool has rounded edges and finger grooves to make it ‘more ergonomic and improve the grip.

The wrench will be returned to Earth, along with other 3-D printed parts, for observation and testing.

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