‘PK’ Reveals Aliens Exist and They are Cute

'PK' Reaveals Aliens Exist and They are Cute | PakistanTribe.com

'PK' Reaveals Aliens Exist and They are Cute | PakistanTribe.com

MUMBAI – The much awaited film of the year has released and received a rather warm welcome at the box-office and collect 500 million in two days.

Considering Rajkumar Hirani’s track record of three back-to-back blockbusters and Aamir’s penchant for perfection, it is no wonder that PK is garnering attention. Add to that an interesting premise and you have yourself a winner. A path-breaking, thought-provoking film that compels you to ponder over why what is right is right and what is wrong is that way, sums up PK.

Aamir as the wide-eyed, mousy looking alien is endearing. He lands from an imposing spaceship into an alien land but soon makes it his own. Learning the ways of the world, he questions everything, challenges every concept and fights for what he thinks is correct.

But he often gets confused and since Bhojpuri is his language of choice, he spews choicest words in the rustic dialect. Since his clothes are sourced from the weirdest of places, his fashion-sense is quirky and cute. The whole effect is rather enticing and if aliens are this cute, we would want more of them

The film reinforces the fact that we are mere specks of dust when put in perspective in terms with the universe. While it is reassuring to know that there is another planet out there where life exists, it is also rather humbling that we aren’t the only life-form in the milky way.

However, this is no manner takes away from the fact that we are mighty when it comes to our own planet. The film manages to make you feel responsible for your actions and the impact it has in terms of the bigger picture. So while we are flecks of fluff we aren’t as inconsequential.

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