IoBM launches 874 corporate grads

IoBM launches 874 corporate grads | PakistanTribeKARACHI – In an inspiring corporate grads show as many as 874 degrees were earned in business management and allied disciplines at the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) in Karachi.

A unique feature of this Convocation was the presence of Prof. Dr.  Kakha Shengelia, President of Caucasus University, Georgia and President-elect of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) as the Guest of Honor. Among other distinguished guests were Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Sindh’s Senior Education Minister as the Chief Guest, Mr. Muneer Kamal, Chairman, National Bank of Pakistan as the Keynote Speaker, Mr. Illahi Baksh Soomro, Chancellor, IoBM and eminent figures from national, multinational and international organizations.

Highlighted were a host of programs in such business management and allied disciplines as IT, HRM, Economics, Finance, Accounts, Management, Marketing, Business Communication, Advertising and Communication Management, Media Management, Actuarial Science, Risk Management, Hospital Management, Industrial Management, Environment and Energy Management, Telecommunication Management, Educational Management, etc. Eight Gold Medalists comprised Noor-ul-Huda Arif Nagaria, BBA (Honors); Shoaib Rizvi, BS (Actuarial Science & Risk Mgmt.); Hina Rahman, MBA (Regular); Ayena Maqbool, MBA (HRM); Saniya Piyarali, MBA (Regular); Fareeha Zulqarnain, MBA (Telecommunication Management); Urooj Amanullah, MBA (Finance); Sidra, MBA (Health & Hospital Management). List of 12 Merit Certificates included Afsheen Abbas, BBA (Honors); Saad Anjum, BBA (Honors); Sania Aftab Bhuvad, BBA (Honors); Huda Qureshi, BBA (Honors); Madiha Shakil, BBA (Honors); Mariam Tameezuddin, BBA (Honors); Sadia Riaz Ahmed Memon, BBA (Honors); Marium Zehra, BBA (Honors); Tuba Iqbal, MBA (Regular); Syeda Humaira Akhtar, MBA (Regular); Talkhees Ara Malik, MBA (Educational Mgmt.); Bushra Raza, M. Phil.

Prof. Dr.  Kakha Shengelia, who has three PhDs, one each in Economics, Management and World History, from leading world universities, termed students as future leaders and urged them to be role models  using  knowledge they have gained to good use to help their families, their communities, their  country  and the world.  Individually and collectively, he said, they can make an impact on society and that they needed to be ready to serve without wanting to be served.

About Pakistan and its economy, Dr. Shengelia felt the future looks better with better governance, with changing geo-political scenario and its impact on trade and economy, with recession being addressed gradually and effectively in the EU and in North America, developments in sanctions’ issue being resolved for Iran, emerging trends in bilateral trade between India and Pakistan and growing demand for Pakistani goods in the international market.

Mr. Illahi Buksh Soomro, former Speaker of the National Assembly and Chancellor IoBM urged students, faculty, parents, is to join hands in this nation-building task, with individual contribution creating a snowball effect, spreading education across Pakistan and turning us into a nation of people who can hold their heads high. Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, Senior Sindh Minister for Education, who has IoBM’s Education, Research and Development interests at heart, commended the role of students, faculty and management towards excellence this institution has achieved and continues striving for it. Mr. Muneer Kamal, Chairman, National Bank of Pakistan and keynote speaker of this occasion reflected upon challenges in blending academic and professional acumen graduates have attained with contemporary and corporate national and international trends and demands.

Earlier, Mr. Shahjehan Karim, President of IoBM while presenting the Annual progress report of the Institute, advised graduating students not to forget sacrifices of their parents who should always be respected. He said that he has served Pakistan all his life and will make all efforts and sacrifice to make this Institute a reservoir of national strength and power. With God’s help and with the continued support of our Government and patriotic business community he was confident that the mission will further be enhanced and accomplished.


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