REVENGE; The Third and Last Time


REVENGE ;THE THIRD AND LAST TIME | PakistanTribe.comIts not the first time the Pakistani nation is united and is on the same page. It’s the third time the Nation has stood up against the Talibaan. It’s the Third time the Nation is unanimous and wants some strong action.

This time we don’t want some symbolic action or some official statements from both the army and the government.  We want a clear action. The Nation demands that this time should be the Last time. The revenge should end them up.

By third time,the first and second time doesn’t relate to some very major historic events. I have witnessed the Rise of this Nation twice. Those weren’t some political issues or something like that.

The Nation stood up when Chaudhry Aslam was martyred in a suicide attack. The Nation was in utter grief and wanted a revenge. The Nation again stood up when Aitezaz Ahsan bounced on a suicide bomber and saved the life of two hundred plus students. The Nation gave a very clear message to the Authoritites and the message was heard and  no doubt action was taken.

But this time the Peshawar incident has made a different impact. They have slaughtered our children. They have burnt our teachers. The Purpose of attacking an Army-run school was to give a message to army but the way students and teachers were brutally killed has also spread a wave of sorrow in whole of the world. The Nation was in utter grief and sorrow that whole night.  That night thousands of students didn’t slept.There was a dismay  in them.

But One thing the Nation needs to understand and that is the mindset of Taliban.  Taliban don’t have standards of War and fighting. They don’t deserve to be called Humans.They are paid militia of Anti Pakistan regimes and they will do anything to torn us apart. What I felt from the Peshawar incident was that the Nation didn’t  expected such brutality from them.  There were a large number of groups who were having a soft corner for the Talibaan and they can be found very easily today. Each and every single person who doesn’t condemn this incident and stands up against Taliban is one of them. But now we need to understand one thing and that is “We are in a state of War and We should not expect any good from our rivals. ‘’

Last time Mullah Fazallulah had challenged this nation by flogging a girl and this time by slaughtering the children.

But This time the nations pulse has been clealrly felt by all the authorites and political leadership of Pakistan. Prime Minister has taken a decisive step by lifting the moratorium on death penalty in terror cases. Those terroroists whose plea were rejected by the President of Pakistan will be hanged this week by issuing black warrants in two days. No doubt this step will give a clear message to the  terrorists.

Even a  stronger  message has been conveyed by the Chief of Army Staff and  DG ISI to the Afghan Authorities.Sources say that Pakistan has provided all the evidences of attack and involvement of Mullah Fazallulah to the ISAF chief. Sources even say that Decision has been made that if the Afghan authorities don’t act fast then Pakistan Army will carry out hot pursuit of Mullah Fazulullah in Afghanistan and surgical stike would be the first option.

The Revenge of those innocent children , which the Nation wants now, is the dead body of Mullah Fazullah.Nothing else. It’s the third time The Nation wants a revenge and this third time should also be the LAST TIME.

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