Taliban Attacked On Us, A Story Told by A Student

Taliban Attack On Us, A Story Told by A Student.PakistanTribe.Com

Taliban Attack On Us, A Story Told by A Student.PakistanTribe.Com

PESHAWAR – An injured student told the sad story of Taliban attack in his class room and killing of students, PakistanTribe learnt from media sources.

An injured student told the saddest story with grief that they were in class and suddenly listened sound of fire they got worried but teacher said that it is part of first aid training given to students. Soon voice got rise teacher went out of the class to check the scene but suddenly get back into the class and advised us to hide under the benches and chairs.

Then two beard person entered in the class with guns in their hands and said “have you people no honor for your teachers ? stand up all of you we are you teachers” . They all stood up. Teacher of class was hiding behind the door they dragged him out and said “now you are no more teacher you are just a student we are the teachers here.”

Then one of them asked who are top ten of you. Eight students stood up as they were topper of the class and two students were absent out of top ten. He ordered them to go to the black board, all eight students followed his instructions. One terrorist came towards benches and other got out of the class.

The terrorist in class said “the real devils are these toppers, they become engineers and doctors and build tanks and jets to fight against us.”

Then he triggered fire against them and killed them without any mercy. Black board was turned into red board due to blood.

Again he announced two are top twenty but no one stood up, at the same time other terrorist entered in the class and informed his companion about army’s arrival at the school.

After knowing about the Army the first one again triggered fire on students and witness received two bullets in his arm.

He says he got senseless in couple of minutes due to fear and unbearable pain. Later he found himself in hospital.

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