Samsung Denies Using Recycled Displays in New Phones

Samsung Denies Using Recycled Displays in New Phones |

Samsung Denies Using Recycled Displays in New Phones |

NEW YORK – Samsung has  quashed rumours that it uses recycled AMOLED displays in phones after purported evidence made the rounds online.

An alleged former Samsung employee recently posted a video said to be taken somewhere in the production line, showing refurbished display panels being fitted into the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and other new handsets.

A series of message board posts, an Evernote document and a Twitter account was also held up as evidence of wrongdoing. However all of the content has since been removed.

While the evidence was by no means concrete, the allegation quickly became a hot topic in South Korea, enough for Samsung to take to its official corporate blog in order to deny such a cunning practice exists.

According to the translated reponse, Samsung reveals that it only uses recycled AMOLED displays for smartphone repairs and never for new smartphones.

“There is a rumor that we have used recycled AMOLED display panels in our smartphones, but it is not true at all.

 “Recycled AMOLED display panels have not been used at all in product manufacturing processes, while some of the panels have been employed for paid warranty services.”

“This individual is not one of our employees and it is not sure if the place shown in the pictures and videos is our factory.”

So, true or false? Well, until we see more conclusive evidence, we’d have to go with Samsung on this one. After denouncing the source as an ex-employee, it seems that someone just has a bone to pick with the company.

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