Fall of Dhaka: Reason Behind December 16

Fall of Dhaka: Reason Behind December 16.PakistanTribe.Com

Fall of Dhaka: Reason Behind December 16.PakistanTribe.Com

LAHORE – Fall of Dhaka was the result of political disorder and sense of deprivation in provinces, PakistanTribe.Com reported.

According to military experts the fall of Dhaka was the greatest setback Pakistan ever faced and it was due to miss management of that time politico-Military establishment.

Brigadier (Retd.) Farooq Hameed said that unfortunately we are still on the same policies and our political leadership should have learnt from Dhaka Fall. Same scenario was there when provinces were deprived with their constitutional and political rights and due to political disorder India took the advantage and attacked on East Pakistan.

He added that Dhaka fall was not an accident it was a planning and we concluded bitter results as per expectation. Criticizing on that time bureaucracy he said that unreal and biased steps were taken against East Pakistan and results were quite obvious.

Mehmood ur Rahman Commission report has not revealed yet because of

Comparing the current political crisis with 1971 demise General (Retd.) Naseer Aakhtar said that Pakistan’s political history is full of corruption and crisis but we have not learnt from history. Government was not ready to accept the mandate Like today government is not ready to audit the poll results of 2013.

General (Retd.) Rahat Lateef also pointed out the leadership’s misleading behavior towards nation and said that Indian lobby took the benefit of our negligence and clash and started seeding against West Pakistan which provoked in 1971.

Collectively these analysts focused on the leadership’s responsibilities and said that our current political leadership have never learnt from history and same mistakes are being repeated. Sense of deprivation is growing in provinces every passing day and country is facing another political instability.

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