Political Drama of PTI Resulted 4 Dead Bodies to Lahore; Pervez Rashid

Terrorism Attacks On Imam Bargah Are Attempt To Divide Nation.PakistanTribe.Com

Pervaiz Rasheed says against PTI.PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister of information Pervez Rashid said that PTI promised to protest peacefully but violent act of PTI workers have broke PTI’s promise again.

Talking to media Federal Minister said that Imran Khan has started the politics of blood and dead bodies. He counted the aggressive activities of PTI that Parliament was attacked, Punjab was jammed, Tyres were burnt on roads and innocent civilians were irritated.

Pervez Rashid also said that patients were also not treated with mercy and Imran Khan is responsible for this inhuman behavior.

He claimed that central point of politics of PTI is burning the Pakistan if PTI is really interested in democracy it should stop jamming the country.

Talking about today’s strike of PTI in Lahore Pervaiz Rasheed said that four people have lost their lives due to political dramas of Imran Khan.

However Imran Ismayeel – leader of PTI – said that service road of Lahore was not blocked and all the ambulances were free to move.

Further Imran Khan said that government had left no option for PTI except strikes and government is itself responsible for violence because PTI has already conducted a peaceful protest in Karachi without any violence but when it comes to Punjab there is always clashes with PML (N) Gullu Butts.

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