Man Should Burn His Boats Before Taking Step, Imran Khan

'Plan D' is Ready, Says Imran Khan |

Man Should Burn His Boats Before Taking Step, Imran Khan.PakistanTribe.Com

LAHORE – Imran Khan says that there should not be any option of compromise when you are fighting for justice, man should burn all his boats before he take steps, PakistanTribe received media reports.

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan said that my dream is to build a New Pakistan and in this way the people of Pakistan should support me for better future of this country.

He mentioned that people of Pakistan are unaware of their political democratic rights so our primary objective is to re-shape our education system to secure our human resources. If we educate our children we will have a better force in future and they will share  our burden rather than becoming burden on Pakistan

Talking about his political journey he said that we will bear all hurdles and face all challenges in our way and will not compromise on our stance.

Addressing to Pakistan nation he added that our struggle should be to establish a just society.

Highlighting the importance of justice in society he quoted that “a system of non believers in God can sustain but a system with injustice in society can not survive for long.”

He also expressed that his struggle is not to become Prime Minister of Pakistan. Promoting as a Prime minister is not an honor for him but establishing a Just society is an honor for him.

He further told that he is against the politics of compromise, he believes in true stance and fight for the right.

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