US Indirectly Involves in Syria

US Indirectly Involves in Syria.PakistanTribe.Com

US Indirectly Involves in Syria.PakistanTribe.Com

WASHINGTON DC – US Congress has passed a new defense  bill that about training rebel groups in Syria against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria aka DAISH, PakistanTribe learnt from international media sources.

This bill will allow pentagon to finance, train and arm the rebellion against ISIS as a part of its military campaign. The bill allocates a total of $577 billion for overall defense spending OUT OF WHICH $64 billion in funding for overseas US war ventures in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

Prominent portions of the bill is that it will allow Pentagon to continue its training procedure for two years in Syria.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) aka DAISH is grooming every passing day in Iraq and Syria destabilizing the both Iraq and Syria.

Talking to Media Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) Chairman of the Armed Services committee said that “American air power had changed the momentum on the ground somewhat and given moderates in the region an opportunity to regroup, but ISIS cannot be defeated without an opposing force to take the fight to it on the ground.”

It is pertinent to mention that US is the biggest sponsor of Wars and Weapon industry and more than 40 % of the international trade deals with the business of weapons. ISIS’ increasing expenses and needs of weapons, destabilizing the (anti-US) Syrian government , US-Syria diplomatic tensions and establishment of training camp for two years in Syria against ISIS are the tangible factors to conclude that Syria will be given tough time after the ISIS will be over. It is also important to highlight that after Iraq Syria was the only country in the region which always stood for its sovereignty without considering US dictations and birth of ISIS has directly effected the Syrian stability.

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