Headphones Can Cause Hearing Loss, New Research Revealed

Headphones Can Cause Hearing Loss, New Research Reveled.PakistanTribe.Com

Headphone's Harmful Effects

NEW YORK – Listening headphones with high volume can cause permanent loss of hearing, PakistanTribe received reports.

Medical Research team of Stony Brook University USA revealed that headphones which have sound systems are potentially dangerous for ears and can cause permanent loss of hearing.

Team further said that electric signals also travel with sound signals and effect the brain systems. These electric signals are dangerous for memory also.

It is important to highlight that researches have been conducted about the use of headphones with full volume and their effects on Heart.

Cardiac centers in Massachusetts and Washington investigated the potential for the headphones which reveled that headphones can interrupt the heart beat.

The study also found that headphones with a magnetic field strength of at least 10 Gauss where the most likely to cause problems. The interference was not found when headphones were placed three centimeters or further away from the skin surface.

Listening music by headphone with full volume is becoming popular trend in youth but youth is paying very high cost for their luxurious style.

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