Best Smartphone Makers Apple and Samsung Again in Court

Best Smartphone Makers Apple and Samsung Again in Court |

Best Smartphone Makers Apple and Samsung Again in Court |

NEW YORK – Apple and Samsung Electronic limited face off in court again on continuing their dispute over smart phone patents, PakistanTribe reported.

The hearing at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit was the latest fight between the two smartphone makers, which have been litigating around the world for three years, each accusing the other of infringing patents in making smart phones and other mobile devices.

They have essentially fought to a draw in about a dozen countries, but in August announced that they had agreed to withdraw all patent lawsuits against each other except in the United States.

In this case, Samsung asked the court to throw out a decision from the US District Court for the Northern District of California which had found that Samsung infringed Apple patents and ordered it to pay the iPhone and iPad maker 930 million dollar, a reduction from an earlier award of 1 billion dollar.

Apple first sued Samsung in April 2011 for violating iPhone patents. Samsung countersued. The trial didn’t get underway until mid-2012. A jury found Samsung guilty of violating Apple’s patents in August 2012 and awarded Apple 1.05 billion dollar in damages.

Later that year, the judge overseeing the case said the jury miscalculated the damages. The damages were not solidified until late 2013, at which time the primary case was closed. In the end, Apple was awarded 930 million dollar.

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