Lock & Lock Designs Special ‘pro-breakfast’ Containers

Lock&Lock design special 'pro-breakfast' containers

LAHORE – It is a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reasons are plenty; it’s important to fuel your system after a break of approximately 10 hours to ensure your body doesn’t start storing fat, it’s always better to eat heavier food in the morning so that it can be burnt throughout the day and of course to prevent yourself from snacking on unhealthy food later on.

Lock&Lock Pakistan has always encouraged healthy eating habits in the country through their products, and that’s what they are aiming to do once again through the new range of breakfast specific containers they have introduced in the market.

Lock&Lock design special 'pro-breakfast' containers
Lock&Lock design special ‘pro-breakfast’ containers

“We feel that in recent years, the lifestyle of people locally has become quite unhealthy as we rely too much on ready-to-eat food, which is okay for once in a while, but definitely not on a daily basis. The breakfast dispenser products that we have introduced in the local market are perfect for storing food items that make breakfast time healthier and easier such as oatmeal. Like all other Lock&Lock products, these too are available at all leading supermarkets across the country” stated Moeen Waheed, CEO of Lock&Lock in Pakistan.

Designed specially to store breakfast items such as cereals, granola bars and oatmeal, these containers ensure that your favorite breakfast item remains fresh and crisp for as long as you would like to store it, without your having to worry about it getting soggy or stale. The cereal dispensers feature innovative hinged clips to ensure cereal is held securely inside the container. Their double locking system ensures that the contents stay absolutely fresh. They are all fully dishwasher and microwave safe.



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