JI & PTI – An Uneasy Romance

JI & PTI - An Uneasy Romance | PakistanTribe.com

JI & PTI - An Uneasy Romance | PakistanTribe.comUnofficially, it all started when PTI took the centre stage in Islamabad as there walk towards ‘Naya Pakistan’ started off with a bang.

PTI’s call was reinforced by Tahir-ul-Qadri who joined the cause with all of his resources, including his loved ones, supporting ones, and even, rented ones. This combined effort resulted in controlled chaos in the capital where the happiest lot was none other than media outlets. They have some content to run 24/7 with endless, and fruitless, discussions about what’s next. Regardless you support IK or not, you have to admit that he overshadowed every other political personality (except Gen. Raheel Ashraf) during that time. His party stole all the headlines and others were left with few options to get in the news.

As JI practically decided to side with government and Siraj-ul-Haq (SH) came out as chief negotiator; supporters on both sides started the routine political service. JI guys took out binoculars and with little effort; they were able to post photos of dancing girls in PTI sit-in presenting the whole scene as Lucky Irani circus. PTI followers replied as per their reputation as age old title of JI being ‘B team’ of govt. resurfaced. Both sides bashed each other with such determination that their alliance in KPK really started looking disturbingly interesting.

Officially, it all started when JI blasted PTI for curriculum changes in KPK. JI senior leader, Prof. Ibrahim, vowed with deadly emotions that his party won’t let government function if qualms not addressed. That was really remarkable as in capital, SH was highlighting the fact that whatever happens, nobody has the right to seize govt.; whereas on provincial level, his party leader roars to dis-function KPK govt. if curriculum issue is not addressed.

IK then stepped in and advised SH not to play on both sides of wicket. SH replied wittingly that he doesn’t play cricket; he plays soccer.  This fun dialogue was yet another episode of political romance between IK and SH. Drop scene of this political-romantic-saga was staged when SH had a joint press conference with IK, and both agreed that JI and PTI are natural allies.

I neither support IK, nor SH, and this provided me a very good chance to enjoy the frustration these two leaders have brought in for their supporters. JI supporters were dumb founded when they looked at pictures they posted on social media, presenting some beautiful girls in PTI sit-in as the only attractive aspect of the whole episode. Those pictures were used to portray PTI spot as a ‘dating spot’ where girls and guys gather to have ‘un-Islamic’ fun. Just imagine what JI guys have gone through when they are told that PTI, which they have been bashing for last month, is their ‘natural ally’.

 On the other hand, all those woes and claims and declarations of paralyzing KPK govt. for curriculum changes have died out. For some reason, as IK lost ground in sit-in, JI statements about curriculum issue turned mild, proportionately. And for now, JI is completely mute about the issue which they were putting up as the biggest issue of Pakistan some weeks back.

PTI supporters, who have no parallel when it comes to clobber the opposition with raw emotions and zero rationale, always looked at JI as govt. sponsored agency who are hindering their way towards ‘Naya Pakistan’. Insafees are probably more active than any other political party on social media and they used it to their advantage while taking on JI. On mildest note, leadership of JI was called ‘Munafiq’ for their role as negotiator and was thrashed away for their accused historical role of government’s B-team. Whatever, JI is now declared as their ‘natural ally’.

Current situation has brought supporters of both parties at stand still, as they have no idea what their leaders do next. For me, this shows the true color of politics in Pakistan where interest rules over beliefs, principles and guidelines. For JI, ‘sulah-hudabiyah’ is there to justify everything whereas for PTI, ‘greater benefit’ is the key word.

As time is passing by, it looks clearer that these ‘natural allies’ will continue their un-easy romance and will form an alliance in next elections.

Keep your fingers crossed!!

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