Russia All Set to Revive its Military Might in the World

Russian Army vs USA Military. PakistanTribe.Com

Moscow – Russia has established the biggest military project ever to secure its boundaries in war and peace times, PakistanTribe learnt from international media reports.

Russia’s existing institution Central Command of General Staff (CCGS) has upgraded to National Defence Control Center (NDCC). This control center is equipped with super fast computers, secret transport routes, heli pads and fully equipped war rooms. In time of war, NDCC will act as major communication center for all major institutions of governments, state owned institutions and other national organizations.

International defence analysts believed that NDCC is in fact a counterpart of National Military Command Center – an establishment of US Military.
In an interview the NDCC Chief Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev said “The creation of NDCC was one of the biggest military projects of the past few years.”

Nearly 1,000 best professional record holding military officers were selected for this project who would serve operations in NDCC round the clock in different time shifts. Some of them are especially recruited and trained for NDCC.

NDCC is especially equipped with super fast computer systems and its back ups are installed in different hidden places of the country which will keep it functional even in case of any damage or loss of main connections with Moscow.

Establishment cost of NDCC was not disclosed by Defense Minister but it is expected that this project had cost millions of dollars.

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