Hong Kong Protestors Ask China to Stay Away from their Politics

Hong Kong Protests

HONG KONG – Hundreds of pro-democracy protesters in the semi-autonomous metropolis demanded lesser interference in politics by the government of China, PakistanTribe learnt from international media sources.

Protesters in Hong Kong want their right to elect their leaders without Chinese government interference Protesters, in their street campaign for free election and democratic reforms in Chinese controlled city Hong Kong, demanded for their own elected leaders in 2017 election without interference of Beijing. Due to unrest in protesters and their ‘illegal occupation’ on Ling Wo road of Hong Kong they were also baton charged by local police.

According to the reports wired by international media, several hundred Protesters led by local student movement clashed with police. Numbers of protesters were injured. They were wearing hard hats and holding Umbrellas as a symbol of their movement.

“We want true Democracy,” activists were shouting. “Police violently acted against our peaceful protest. I want this government to stop working anymore,” a protester in black shirt described.

However, police reported that protesters were occupying Ling Wo road – a major passage between east and west Hong Kong – for the last two months. Protesters were warned several times for occupying main road and protesting against government HQ but on Sunday, police lost control of the area as many protesters spilled over to the Govt. HQ, stopping some highly officials from doing their official work.

Hong Kong Police, armed with pepper spray, riot shields and batons violently charged against protesters. The atmosphere was still tense. Police was trying to clear the road from protesters.

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