What Kind Of Pizza Is Eaten In Pakistan?

What Kind Of Pizza Is Eaten In Pakistan | PakistanTribe.comKARACHI – The Great Khi Pizza Festival and its successor Great Nationwide Pizza Festival are one of a kind digital food festival trend introduced in Pakistan.

Foodpanda shares insights from these festivals in the form of an info-graphic which makes use of visual assets to conclude consumer pizza choices. Chicken Tikka continues to be highly favored besides toppings like Hot ‘n’ Spicy, Chicken variants and Pepperoni.

  1. Popularly Ordered Pizza Toppings

On November 25th, 2014 the nationwide pizza festival received orders from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad and other cities of Pakistan. Of these pizza orders, Chicken Tikka/Tandoori has the greatest weight-age at 28% of orders.

Closely following this number is 23% orders of Hot ‘n’ Spicy flavors which are naturally subjected to local liking of spicy food.

There are several chicken variants in pizza restaurant menus, and which made 19% orders altogether.

Pepperoni, Fajita and All Cheese pizzas are found from 11% to 6% orders. Beef, Margherita, Veggie, Shawarma and Mexican toppings are all below the line.

  1. Favorite Ingredient Combinations

There is more to pizza than Chicken Tikka and while it’s the most ordered topping, people in Pakistan like ingredients combinations too. Combination of Pepperoni, sausages and mushrooms are found in at least 42% of pizza orders made during the day. Next are Pepperoni, Sausage and Beef where Beef replaces Mushrooms for 23% choices.

A pleasantly sweet combination involving pineapple fruit goes well with marinated chicken and corn. It is ordered at 18%. Pineapple and pepperoni, often named Hawaiian pizza by some restaurants, is another favorite; ordered at 12%.

Fruits are turning out to be a likable combination for Pakistani consumers hence, Figs and cheese pizza makes 5% of the total pizza pie.

Best Time To Eat Pizza in Pakistan | PakistanTribe.com

  1. Best Time To Eat Pizza?

According to foodpanda-data, orders for pizza orders were the greatest during dinner time. While lunch time makes a good percentage of orders in the day, dinner time turns in at 67% of pizza orders between festival hours. So to speak, dinner time is apparently the best time when consumers choose to order pizza.


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