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UMT Radio - A success story | PakistanTribeUMT radio was launched in April 2012 and till May it grows upto 3000 listeners. We are using this online radio as a tool for offering its users educational and skill development opportunities along with entertainment.

Until now it was on self-funding and didn’t look for any generous sponsorship of several key public and private donors. Despite the successful launch and implementation of the Radio Telecentres, major challenges face the program for the future. These include the need for further funding, particularly for the maintance of the existing Radio Telecentres in terms of equipment, facility requirements, staff training and educational needs, to name a few.

UMT radio aimed at promoting student’s issues to the management through mass media channels. Its first initiative was a radio Interviews with faculty and incharge of other departments. The interviews were designed on a pattern where student can freely speak up their issues, empowering student from voice their views and opinions on the current social and political climate. Along with it the perceptive of the faculty and their expectations were also shared with the student. This empowers not only the student but also the resource person who can come on radio and discuss anything with a mass number of students at a same time.

UMT Radio - For the Youth By the Youth | PakistanTribeIt is an inspired idea to make a difference, stand a bit taller and be more recognized among others who are out there as competitors. I don’t know whether my ‘umt-radio’ idea will change any life or no, but I’m quite sure this will inspire many others as it did to me. Main concept behind this radio was to collect all UMTians to a place where they can speak their mind out and use this platform to voice their opinions, ideas and become ‘One-voice’. I heard somewhere that music is the remedy for souls. So I am combining the entertainment with productive means of interaction for my university fellows.

*Give students a platform for projecting their innovation worldwide*

Umt radio is now having good increase in number of listeners day by day which demands more stuff to full fill the need of this online radio station. The formers of this station were three people but now having a team of 50 active members. The process of selection is made through the trail based system where the new team member passes the set criteria. We are still hiring new talents and giving chance to show the skills of young and energetic students from UMT specifically

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Muhammad Zain Islam

Muhammad Zain Islam is Lahore based young and enthusiast Pakistani. He works as a Social Media Officer at Office of Rector, University of Management & Technology, Lahore.

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