Bollywood Star Farhan Akhtar takes Time Out for Music

Farhan Akhtar receives the Best Actor award at the Big Star Entertainment Awards | PakistanTribe

Bollywood Star Farhan Akhtar takes Time Out for Music |

MUMBAI – Bollywood actor, singer, director Farhan Akhtar decided to dedicates two hours every day for his band practices.

The multi-talented personality that he is, he juggles with a lot of activities in his day. However, he makes sure he fits in time for his jamming session with Farhan Live.

Farhan successfully wears multiple hats, as an actor, director, producer, writer, social activist and a singer-performer. He is dedicated to everything he does and he has achieved success in each sphere he has stepped into.

Juggling so many things at once leaves him pressed for time, but since he is so passionate about music and needs to practice despite his packed schedule, he ensures that he dedicates two hours everyday for his band practice.

Whatever time Farhan wraps up or finishes his work for the day, he ensures he practices with his band. Farhan performs with his band at various concerts in India and internationally and he has a huge young fan following.


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