Do You Know Your Eye Colour Says something About You

Do You Know Your Eye Colour Says something About You | PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – New study proves that Eyes are not only the subject of eastern poetry but as one of the vital organs of human body it has lot more significant.

If eyes are the window to the soul, new research claims they are also a window to our health.

A number of studies indicate the color of our eyes affects how we feel pain, how well we can hold our liquor, and even our ability in different sports.

According to the research of Pittsburgh University women with lighter colour eyes experience less pain during child birth compare to the women with darker eyes.

The people with lighter colour eye consume more alcohol as compare to darker eyes.

According to the Dr. Jari Leuhelainen, what we know now is that eye colour is based on 12 to 13 individual variations in people’s genes…. These genes do other things in the body.

Here are some interesting findings about Eye Colour and its impact on personalities, profession:

Darker eye people are better in Baseball

Lighter eye people better in studies for tests and playing Golf

Blue eye people are intellectual alcoholics

Brown eye people are sensitive

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