PTI Rallies A Menace To Pakistani Culture

PTI Girls and Boys during party rally in Pakistan |

PTI Rallies A Menace To Pakistani Religion And Culture | PakistanTribe.comThe rallies held by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in Pakistan since August 2014 apparently aim to bring a positive change in the country.

Hailing the slogan “Go Nawaz Go,” PTI aims to transform the governmental structure of the country. Contemporarily, it has been holding rallies in different cities of Pakistan consistently with the underlying motive that the desired political change is evolutionary. The major long term goal is to create and formulate the concept of “New Pakistan,” which however is proving to be a threat to the religion and culture of Pakistan.

It is indeed unfortunate to see that the rallies, and gatherings of PTI are contributing to vulgarity and profanity in various domains. The women at the rallies are often seen to be clad in flamboyant clothes with intense makeup applied; which merely is a blow to their honor and dignity. They are usually seen to be hailing slogans at top of their voice, dancing in merriment and supporting PTI’s members. This is symbolic of immodesty and lewdness, which is spoiling the infant minds of our youth. Such obscene behavior of woman contradicts Islamic principles of modesty and bashfulness prescribed for women. It is inculcating a sense of indecency amongst the young women; and entangles them between modernism and religiousness. This is detrimental to the application of the religious principles of modesty and bashfulness prescribed for woman in Islam.

In addition, the representatives of PTI engage in foul and abusive language in expression of their opinions against the current government authorities. This again is deemed to be a severe blow to the infant minds of our youth. The question, which consequently arises, is that is the spread of profanity in Pakistan from the gatherings and rallies of PTI the real characteristic of what is known to be “New Pakistan” claimed to be achieved by PTI?

PTI Girls and Boys during party rally in Pakistan | PakistanTribe.comConsidering the alarming adverse repercussions resulting from the rallies and gatherings of PTI, there stands a dire need for the religious authorities to address this obscenity. There is a strong need to instill awareness that living in an Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the norms of modesty and decency should never be ignored while holding public proceedings. The significance of ethics and morality is required to be instilled amongst the youth and elderly alike to achieve a harmonious and agreeable environment.

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