Imran Khan Indicates Third Force Behind PML-N’s Victory in Election 2013


Imran Khan Indicates Third Force Behind PML-N's Victory in Election 2013 |

ISLAMABAD – Imran Khan during press conference said that Nawaz Sharif’s winning speech was the turning point in general election of 2013.

Chairman Tehrrek-e-Insaf Imran khan during press conference on Friday said that 5.5 millions extra ballot papers were published in general election 2013 from three different printing press.

If next elections held without investigation of rigging of general election 2013, that will be base on rigging not on popularity.

Imran Khan said that Chaudhry Iftikhar Ahmad also part of rigging. 15 thousand people in target killing in Karachi, he added.

Imran Khan refuses all allegations impeached by Pervaiz Rashid to day.All leaders of PTI including  have made public their income and tax details,” he added.

Imran khan said that we will announce new membership campaign on November 30.

Earlier, Pervaiz Rashid held a press confrence in which he leveled some serious allegations against chairman PTI Imran Khan.

He said that, in 2014 Imran Khan paid less than Rs 200,000 tax on his income while telling the reported that “Nawaz Sharif and his family paid Rs 560 million as tax since 2007.”

“Imran Khan is a defaulter as far as Agriculture Tax liabilities are concerned. The sources of Imran Khan as per his declaration income from abroad are in exchange of some unknown type of services. PTI Imran Khan has been evading tax through jugglery of statistics,” he added.


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