Starwood Hotels Introduces a Touchless Entry System For Rooms

Starwood Hotels Introduces a Touchless Entry System For Rooms |

LONDON – Say good bye to keys,Starwood Hotels is introducing a touchless entry system on many of its guestroom doors

Starwood president and CEO Frits Van Paasschen says in the future guests will get a text a few hours before they arrive to confirm the room. It will give the details about the room and allow guests to walk right past the front desk, to the room and open the door with a mobile device.

A quick wave with the cell phone in front of the door will let customers in and they do not have to worry about keeping track of those pesky key cards.

This technology is available for your home as well. The “Kwikset Kevo” pairs with your smartphone and with a quick touch you can lock or unlock your door. You can even share your e- keys.

Marty Hoffmann, Kwikset’s vice president of marketing, told  that e-keys are a useful tool if you want to limit the times various people come to your home. “If I have house cleaner who I only want to come by Mondays one to four, that’s the only time they’ll have access to my home,” he said.


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