“China Is The Only World Power Genuinely Interested In The Integrity Of Pakistan”

Book: Awakend China shakes the world and now its Pakistan mainstay | PakistanTribe.comISLAMABAD – The strategic and economic interests of China and Pakistan are intertwined and for the very reason China is the only world power, which is genuinely interested in the stability, integrity and progress of Pakistan and is rightly regarded as its ‘mainstay’.


This was the unanimous thought prevailing among the speeches and comments at the book launch ceremony of Awakened China Shakes the World and is Now Pakistan’s Mainstay authored by veteran Pakistani diplomat Ambassador (r) Mohammed Yunus – the latest publication of IPS Press, the publishing arm of Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad.

The ceremony was chaired by Ambassador (r) M Akram Zaki whereas Ambassador Yao Wen, Charge de Affairs and Deputy Ambassador, Embassy of China was the chief guest. A special message by Ambassador (r) Tariq Fatemi was read on the occasion by Ambassador Afrasiab Hashmi, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign affairs. DG-IPS Khalid Rahman, Riyazul Haq, former civil servant and member IPS – National Academic Council and Barrister Saadia Abbasi, former senator and member IPS – National Academic Council also addressed the ceremony, which was attended by a large number of diplomats, intellectuals, academics, researchers and senior journalists.

The Chinese deputy ambassador, Yao Wen, claimed in his speech that the immense potential Pak-China Economic Corridor (PCEC) contains for the people of both the countries as well as the region was unimaginable at the moment. Just one of the first projects of the PCEC, the Shandong Ruyi Textile Park in Faisalabad, will create more than 100,000 jobs, he revealed.

He said that with the construction of PCEC both China and Pakistan will once again prove to the world that their friendship was “deeper than the Arabian Sea, higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey, and stronger than steel”, and it is not just a diplomatic slogan.

The author, Mohammed Yunus, who is regarded as one of the pioneers and foundation-layers of the ideal relationship between China and Pakistan – was of the view that despite their ill intentions many regional and global powers were not able to support the insurgency in Balochistan because China was there to check their moves. He claimed that the integrity of Pakistan was in the best interest of China itself and it will never allow any international conspiracy to destabilize Pakistan.

It may be mentioned that the book is a record of personal events colored by life-long memories of the experiences of Ambassador (r) Mohammed Yunus. Its first part is an insightful and fascinating personal account of the author’s diplomatic assignments in the People’s Republic China during the historic and eventful period of 1953 to 1982. The author witnessed and took active part in laying the foundations and building the historic relationship between China and Pakistan, which still continues to grow and prosper. The autobiography contains valuable revelations and original information and provides an insight into many historic events vis-à-vis Pak-China relations.

An intriguing analyses of the rise and fall of the banking genius, Agha Hasan Abedi, and his empire, the BCCI, forms a major and interesting chunk of the second part of the autobiography, which Ambassador Yunus had personally observed as an insider being a senior adviser of the Bank. His intellectual life and scholarly endeavors as a professor and author are a must read, too, for the students of political science, communism and its two manifestations in the forms of Marxism and Maoism.


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