Incredible India: Girl Burnt Alive for Resisting Molestation by a Gang

Girls in India

NEW DELHI – The incredible India has yet again shun the world with its invigilance in protecting females citizen as a gang of men burnt a girl for resisting molestation, PakistanTribe learnt from international media reports.

According to an international news agency, AFP, a teenage girl has died in northern India one week after a gang of men set her on fire as punishment for resisting their attempts to molest her.

The incident was the latest in India where sex attacks on women continued to occur on an almost daily basis despite an international outcry over the fatal gang-rape of a student in 2012.

Police had arrested six men over the latest attack, which occurred after the 15-year-old girl stepped outside her home in Uttar Pradesh state on November 16.

The girl’s family had told police that a gang of men dragged her back inside the house after she objected to their lewd gestures and attempts to touch her, local superintendent RK Sahu said.

The men then doused her in kerosene and set her on fire as punishment in Shahjahanpur village, 277 kilometres south-east of New Delhi, according to the family.


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