Few Secrets of Hamza Ali Abbasi You May Not Know Before

Few Secrets of Hama Ali Abbasi You May Not Know Before.PakistanTribe.com

ISLAMABAD – Pakistani drama and film actor Hamza Ali Abbasi wanted to become a chef as he says ‘I have a passion for cooking; it’s one of my stress-relieving activities.’

Hamza Ali Abbasi did Bachelors in International Relations from abroad. He came back to Pakistan and did his Masters from Quaid-i-Azam University, and then took the Civil Superior Services (CSS) exams and went into the Police force.

Hamza Abbasi said he wanted to become a chef.  “I have a passion for cooking; it’s one of my stress-relieving activities,” he said.

After completing his studies he joined the Police. He said it was a very predictable future. “I knew exactly where I would be in 20 years; I knew the maximum I could do was become an Inspector General (IG),” he said.

Hamza Abbasi said it was “Waar” that gave me a big break. “I was assisting Bilal Lashari, and I wound up playing a role,” he said. Talking about theater he said it is my first love. “It started out as a hobby;  was doing my Masters when I met Shah Sharabeel,” Hamza Abbasi said.

Hamza Abbasi has one sister which according to Hamza is his biggest fan. “I watched one episode with her and all through it she was like, You did this very well, and that so well! Tum to chhaa gaey!,” he told.

He said that his mother, belongs from a political background, is very against his showbiz career.

“She wanted me to be in the Police; she said, “Just join and then if you want you can leave,” he said.

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