Pakistani Defence Analyst Talat Masood Terms Narendra Modi’s India Stubborn

Talat Masood and India. PaistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – The former three-star Lieutenant General (rtd.) Talat Masood has described India under the leadership of Narendra Modi as ‘not willing to talk on Jammu and Kashmir’.

In his recent op-ed, Talat described the situation at ongoing South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) as cold and still.

He said “In the ‘new India’ under Modi, rules of the game do not allow such contact and this is considered an unfriendly act,” while referring to a meeting between occupied Kashmir’s leaders and Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi. After that meeting India called off the foreign secretary level peace dialogues with Pakistan.

“India is not willing to talk on Jammu and Kashmir, Siachen, Sir Creek and issues related to nuclear and strategic stability or sharing of waters. The entire composite dialogue, according to India, can wait and will be dealt unilaterally. On terrorism, India voices its concern, but more to demonise Pakistan than to cooperate in fighting a common enemy,” Talat wrote.

He also exemplified the aggression portrayed by India as stating “A recent example is the public denunciation of Pakistan’s behaviour that it is supporting terrorism and that Dawood Ibrahim has been provided sanctuary close to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.”

However, Talat believes that there were some genuine concerns of India which needs to be addressed as soon as possible by Pakistan. “Islamabad continues to deny India the Most Favorited Nation (MFN) status because the security establishment would not agree with such a measure, only reinforcing the impression that it is the final arbitrator. The Jamaatud Dawa brazenly keeps flaunting its presence whilst New Delhi waits for an outcome on the Mumbai incident and the Pakistani courts keep dragging their feet.”

Not to forget that Indian premier had already turned down the request of Nawaz Sharif for holding a separate meeting on the sidelines of SAARC summit. According to Indian foreign ministry Modi will be meeting all South Asian leaders except for Pakistani premier.


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