Peshawar University Psychology Department Helping Traumatized Journalists

Trauma Center for Journalists. PakistanTribe.Com

PESHAWAR – The Psychology Department at University of Peshawar has laid the foundations of first trauma center for journalists to provide confidential counselling services only for media personals.

PakistanTribe‘s correspondent from Peshawar reported on Wednesday that the project was initiated with the help of German government’s funding.

It was also learnt that before laying the foundation of this center, a pilot project was conducted. Representative of the Psychology Department in Peshawar University said “20 journalists participated in the pilot project. At least 14 of them were found suffering from severe stress. But unfortunately no extended studies exist in Pakistan to sought detailed help. This center will be the first and prima donna of its kind in the whole country. We are hopeful other institutes will replicate this model as soon as possible.”

Speaking PakistanTribe on the request of our correspondent, the head of Peshawar University’s psychology department Dr Erum Irshad said “Journalists told the stories of being in side the pool of blood, piles of dead bodies and being kidnapped by Taliban. However, they were not ready to sought help. They were reluctant due to confidentiality issues. We had to make them realize and ice breaking took a lot of time. As a result up till now seven new journalists have sought help from the center. Yes, in a country like Pakistan and a city like Peshawar it is a good start.”

She also revealed that many journalists who sought help privately say many counsellors were not equipped to deal with their daily exposure to violence. This center will be changing their views, she added.

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