Overload’s most awaited Nimmi Nimmi released

Overload's Nimmi Nimmi released this November
Overload’s Nimmi Nimmi released this November

Overload – the Loudest Band of Pakistan – officially released its latest song Nimmi Nimmi and music video by the same name this November.  Music critics consider Nimmi Nimmi a departure for the band from their signature rock/fusion genre. The nearly five and a half minute long track is a power ballad with soulful lyrics about lost love – a story most people can relate to. The music video directed by Overload’s core team member Farhad Humayun, who has earlier directed some award winning videos for the band such as Mela Kariye, Batti and Ankahi, depicts the void in a man’s life after losing a loved one and subsequently a part of him, even though he possesses all things fancy and material in life to give comfort.

Describing the inspiration behind the song and video, Farhad Humayun said, “I have always been extremely observant of my surroundings and tried capturing feelings more than thoughts. My videos are a collage of visuals that I like to picture in my head. The song Nimmi Nimmi came together on its own. The music and words seemed to find their way together at the studio when Sheraz (Keyboardist of Overload) played some chords casually on the piano. Overload has always been my outlet to express my feelings without caring about whatever rules or trends the music industry is following.”

Farhad Hamayun with Navid Shahzad at the set of Nimmi Nimmi
Farhad Hamayun with Navid Shahzad at the set of Nimmi Nimmi

With music produced by Farhad Humayun and Sheraz Siddiq of Overload and art direction of the music video by Navid Shahzad, the song bagged at least 4,000 listeners on SoundCloud with over 35,607 views and 1300 shares on Facebook within less than 24 hours of its release.

Formed in 2003, the band has received acclaim from music veterans, artists, literary figures and the general public alike and is recognized as the only arena band and the best live act from Pakistan for which they won the 2006 Lux Style Award. Their self-titled debut album ‘Overload’ released in 2006 was the largest selling album of the year for which the band also received a number of awards, including Indus/MTV ‘break though artist. Overload has taken a number of countries by storm by playing at festivals and performing solo concerts in Japan, Sri Lanka, Norway, UAE and UK. – By: Marian Sharaf Joseph

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