Cricket Bat with the Pakistani Boy Scares Belgium

Cricket Bat with the Pakistani Boy Scares Belgium.

BRUSSELS – A 22-year-old cricket player Assim Abbasi and his family face being thrown out of Belgium after he was identified as a terrorist for carrying a cricket bat on public transport.

Assim Abassi, a young Pakistani cricket player, and his entire family have lost their right to live in Belgium after he was identified as a terrorist for carrying his bat on public transport.

A photograph of Mr Abassi, 22, apparently armed with a weapon was circulated by the police.

As soon as he saw the pictures in a newspaper, the young Pakistani man contacted the police to say that he was not armed but only carrying his cricket bat on way to a practice session.

Assim Abassi said that he wrapped his bat in sweatshirt because it was raining and if it is wet he can’t play the ball properly.

The police photographs of a bearded Asian man carrying what appeared to be a rifle in a fashionable shopping.

According to latest updates Pakistan foreign mission in Belgium has accepted that Assim Abbasi’s father has already completed his four year tenure.

The family will not be deported to Pakistan, source added.

It was also learnt that Assim Abassi wanted to file a law suite against police for their discriminatory behavior.


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