Anti-Terrorism Court of Gilgit Declared Mir Shakeel ur Rehman Accused

Anti-Terrorism Court of Gilgit Declared Mir shakeel ur Rehman accused.

GILGIT – Anti-terrorism court declared owner of Jang and GEO Network accused and awarded 26 year incarceration along with RS. 1.3 million fine on Tuesday.

Anti-terrorism court of Gilgit awarded 26 incarcerations each to the owner of Jang and GEO network accompanied with, Shaista lodhi, Veena Malik and her Husband Asad Bashir Khatak.

Court also fined them with Rs. 1.3 million, court also given the orders to confiscate the passport and property of Mir Shakeel ur Rehman.

Court sends the warrant of Mir Shakeel ur Rehman to Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad, IG Punjab and IG Sindh.

Earlier, Geo Television Network conferred with grave accusation of blasphemy for allegedly insulting family of Holy Prophet Mohammed PBUH during the marriage drama of Veena Malik.

 The religious cleric of all sects joined their voices against the ‘heinous’ act by the Geo Television Network where a Qawali was played during the staged ceremony of Veena Malik’s marriage on morning show at Geo Entertainment.

 Shia Muslim cleric Allama Abbas Kumeli also condemn and said that Geo did it really wrong when it played a sacred Qawali over such an occasion.”

 The leader of Sunni Itehad Council Sajzada Hamid Raza announced to gave religious decree (fatwa) over Geo’s ‘heinous’ act. They issued the fatwa against Geo’s program.

After this program the host of Geo’s morning show Dr Shaista Lodhi accepted her mistake.


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