Who is ZAID HAMID? | PakistanTribe.comZAID HAMID is the one who is a paid Mujahid, or let me put another way, a bedroom Jihadi. He is paid to speak gibberish. He, ironically, believes, that he would conquer the entire world with sword and horses.

A confirmed case, psycho case, would deviate the youth through his nonsensical and impractical lectures, which may be termed as mere ‘rhetoric’, when words remain empty and don’t go beyond connotation.

Evaluating the statements, we drive nothing. He is the knight of Don Quixote, a warrior of the imaginary word. He will be seen giving statements, when unleashed…. beware of such imbeciles.

The garbage that he puts forward, if we analyse, betrays.

Apparently he is Anti-American. He claims to be an ANTI-America, but his rhetoric is fake and has contains no strategy & no vision. His fiery speeches, which are nothing but verbosity, might instigate juveniles to do something, giving an excuse to America for invading PAKISTAN. He would instigate youth to do jihad, at the same time other Jihadieez are blasted. Urges the youth to conquer USA, INDIA, ISRAE, but at the same time all jihadi organizations are termed KHAWARJI.. Bahhh..


He puts himself in limelight by using conspiracy as a tool. He emerged as the Sahabi of YOUSUF KAZZAB, who claimed to be the khalifah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and once people start to know Z.H, he embarked on his agenda.

Salam on the nation where MENTALS become DEFENCE ANALYSTS..

Beware… it’s a part of big propaganda..!!! THINK IT

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Hanif Ansari

Hanif Ansari is working in Sindh Information Department. He writes for PakistanTribe.com on various topics from social to culture and politics to heritage.


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