What will I become? Maama!

What will I become? Maama! | PakistanTribeMe: Assalam-o-alikum ,how are you?

Saba: AlhamduLLILAH, how’s you?

Me: Gr8, so what’s up these days?

S: Nothing yaar, passed out bachelors six months back and now seriously indulged in daily home chunks and“waiting for Rishta”,proposal!(With slow down morale illustrated by her accent)

Me: hmm,But why is it so? It doesn’t ensemble you! As a brilliant microbiologist, you should have exploited your career!

S: Yaar, can’t say more about restrictions emanated by parents and couldn’t got succeeded to seize permission to work outside. Let’s forget it. You tell about what’s happening at your side? And conversation continues.

This is a slight conversation part depicted from recent conversation with my college friend, a brilliant microbiologist, who secured 1st class position in University. Meaning to write here a short conversation is not about to attract readers, but to illustrate a point where we are really heading towards!

Just after incise of this phone call, a whole story of her struggle towards getting education strikes my mind that she told me in college days and I was ticked that this is what girls’ world are delimited  for..Isn’t It?

As an observer, it could be readily visible that after Graduation or getting done with Masters, girls literally end their career as due to unnecessary coups of dependence and pressure laid up by family. Apart from all controversial part, every parent dreams to settle their kids especially girls in their homes before reaching mature youth hood which is not wrong obviously. But when someone spends avid years of life let say 16 or 18 years in acquiring education, so what could be aim? Obviously aim would be more than just to become a crown wife running after husband and children as well as managing world of home all over. What say?

Literally, society of Pakistan carries waves of precincts that particularly applicable for girls and Saba’s family was unfortunately from one of them. From initial education of Kindergarten to University level, there were several obstacles coming in her way either by aspect of money or family’s’ speculations that she has to face through thick and thin. Apparently, her family was from one of those (worthless to mention any region or cast), in which huge restrictions has been put up by Old Family members (such as nani or dadi) in facet of girls’ education or career like “Parhke kya karna hai wahi choola&handi”! But not really this restriction works, her parents finally managed to bring up their girl with good education, no matter what institution is! Finally after got graduation degree with bearing of stress by family, what next? Simply stay at home!

Though, I would not disagree to situation in big cities are bit diverse as there, girls equally treated as boys, with total pack of freedom, exploiting their education to fullest. But disgraced part is this ration would hardly be enough to meet Socio-economical aspects.

As we all know there are countless NGOs working for rights of women especially educating girls in rural and urban areas and undoubtedly they have grounded victory flag as literacy rate has been increased fervently in decade. Thus on other side, being to known about the bitter fact that our tribal areas, their children and teens are facing hardships to get reach to just school level while girls in cities who are lucky to get this precious ornament by paying bucks of higher fees are unable to exploit it and implicated to take it as for granted .Isn’t that the waste of nation’s investment?

However, our cities have been producing fervent amount of female doctors, educationalist, bankers etc. but when we peep in to industry stats, just a little records of women came on the screen who put their career to practice despite of all hurdles in their ways.

Just for instance, if we see field of doctors, there’s an increased or equal quota/investment for women’s admittance in medical colleges and overwhelmingly majority of girls’ students passed out their medical education with outstanding performances. But when it comes to serving to nation, most of our female doctors left out practice and got bounded to family instructions.

Other side?

Obviously, this dependence, social biases and eastern cultural practices led to low investment in women’s human capital and further precincts on women’s mobility and the internalization of patriarchy that can become reason for the basis for gender discrimination and divergence in most orbs of life.

Seeing this alarming circumstances desolately put up by our society, it’s hard to figure out what could be its solution as we know all our society won’t be ready to change their norms for girls and their pre-estimated future prospects. The only thing could be projected is girls have to make their powers on to build their careers in a balanced way with family support.

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