Larkana Rally: Imran Khan Defines Go-Nawaz-Go Slogan for Sindhi People

Imran Khan Speech in Larkana Wearing Ajrak. PakistanTribe.Com

LARKANA – The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has defined the meaning of Go-Nawaz-Go slogan which according to him means Go-Zardari-Go as both are holding tight to the status quo.

Khan addressed a massive rally in Bhutto’s native city Larkana on Friday where he stated that both Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif were two sides of the same coin.

As soon as he held mic for his speech crowd started chanting Go-Nawaz-Go slogans. Khan responded “Go-Nawaz-Go has reached Sindh but Go-Zardari-Go has not made its way here. But let me tell you that Go-Nawaz-Go in fact means Go-Zardari-Go as both are holding tight to the status quo and both will be bowled on a single delivery.”

He also mentioned that politics has divided people¬†on basis of language, province and sects. “Politics today has divided us but but our politics’ main focus is to divide people on the basis of oppressor and oppressed,” he added.

Khan also thanked Sindh Assembly for passing a resolution against him to call people of Sindh oppressed. “It means I am doing something good,” Khan gave logic for his happiness.

He also told the audience that Pakistan People Party (PPP) had formed government in Sindh for six times during last 25 years. He added, “If they could not bring any improvement in six governments then will they be doing any better for the seventh time? Zardari family has their members installed on top positions just like Nawaz family installed their members.”

Khan also reiterated that no water reservoir including Kalabagh Dam will be built without the consensus of Sindhis. Furthermore, he also vowed to protect the Hindu community of Sindh who were migrating to India amid threats from Muslim religious groups.

He also admired the journalists for their struggle. “Without them my message could not be reached to you people. Therefore I demand from all media houses’ owners to give all journalists their due right. I demand the 7th wage board award for the journalists. Specially I ask Mir Shakilul Rehman (owner of Jang and Geo Television Netwwok) that stop exploiting your workers.

He requested the people present in rally directly and indirectly to everyone listening to reach Islamabad on November 30. “This is the last chance to make a difference. Hold no fear. Nothing violent is going to happen there. Today we have completed 100 days of our peaceful protest which is a tantamount that we do not have any violent plan.”

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Earlier, the Vice Chairman of PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed the audience. He said “I want to tell Larkana’s horses that you have been rejected. We do not need your visa for coming here. Imran Khan does not need your certificate to love people of Sindh.”

He also highlighted that Larkana’s farmers were¬†deprived of their due rights. “No one ever brought a resolution in Sindh Assembly for their rights. But Imran Khan today has brought a resolution. Similarly Karachi is bleeding. Every day eight or tens die there. What has government done to improve law and order situation in Karachi?” he maintained.

He also offered tribute to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto for their struggle to develop democracy in Pakistan. However, he said “Today PPP has neither any Bhutto nor philosophy of Bhutto in their leadership.”

He announced that Imran Khan will be coming back here in December.


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