Indian Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh Loves Pakistani Food and People

Ranveer Singh to visit Pakistan. PakistanTribe.Com

MUMBAI – Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh is a big fan of Pakistani cuisine and even a bigger fan of hospitality extended to their guests by Pakistanis, PakistanTribe learn from international media reports.

Ranveer Singh expressed the desire if he could just fly to Pakistan to be with his fans.

Speaking to the media reporters Ranveer Singh said “Every artist I meet who went to see Pakistan admires about their people, places and food. I have asked my manager Ramesh to accept any invitation from Pakistan so that I can be there as soon as possible.”

He also talked about his childhood inspirations and said “I always were a big fan of Govinda. I had watched his every movie at least ten times. In fact I have watched Raja Babu  50 times. My dream of working with Govinda was achieved in Kill Dil.”

He also admired the talents of Ali Zafar and wished that may Kill Dil gets success in Pakistan as well.

Pakistani cinemas are currently showing the feature film Kill Dil all over the country.


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