National Chicken Tikka Pizza Index: Islamabad Sells Most Expensive Pizzas

National Chicken Tikka Pizza Index: Islamabad Sells Most Expensive PizzasNational Chicken Tikka Pizza Index: Islamabad Sells Most Expensive Pizzas | PakistanTribe.comKARACHI – Pizza is one of the most beloved and simple Italian dishes in Pakistan. Its taste, topping and price will vary depending on where one resides. 

Foodpanda created the Chicken Tikka Pizza Index to evaluate cost of living in the top three cities of Pakistan. The average price of a small (6-8”) Chicken Tikka Pizza in Pakistan is Rs. 286. The average for Karachi is Rs.222 which is Rs.138 cheaper than Rs.360 in Islamabad.

foodpanda co-MD Talha Ansari comments, “The Index loosely considers price discrimination among these cities to evaluate standards of living. Competition in Karachi is stronger and offers exposure to a large target market as contrasted with Islamabad and Lahore. Hence, contrary to a common man’s belief, Karachi is not the most expensive city.”

The research also includes an estimate of favorite pizza toppings, calculated using pizza orders received by foodpanda.  According to order preferences, Chicken Tikka, Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Hot & Spicy and Veggie pizza toppings made it to the list of top five. Chicken Tikka topped the chart closely followed by extra cheese or all cheese topping making second favorite.

In a report, Inflation Monitor-Dec.2013 issued by State Bank, Karachi has been declared as the city with lowest food inflation rate at 6.4% as compared to other cities of Pakistan. Islamabad is the most expensive city with food inflation registering at 11.4% as compared to that of 9.5% in Lahore. Pakistanis spend 47.7% of their income on food. Pizza is the most consumed fast food item among Burgers, Chinese, Rolls/Sandwiches and Tikka/BBQ.

The foodpanda-data analysis puts price of one small chicken tikka pizza in a range of Rs.150 to Rs.590, depending on city and neighborhood. The most expensive pizza was found in Islamabad for Rs.590. On the other hand the lowest price a customer has to pay was found in Karachi: Rs.150, followed by Lahore, where pizza costs as low as Rs.175. Average price of Chicken Tikka pizza in Karachi was found at Rs.222, Rs.260 in Lahore and Rs.360 in Islamabad.

  Average Small Chicken Tikka Pizza
Karachi Rs. 222
Lahore Rs. 260
Islamabad Rs. 360

Co-MD Ahsan Mateen shares, “Pizza is widely consumed as compared to other similar food items, as proven by our research. Knowing this we attempted at a combination of spending and consumption to create ‘Pizzanomics’ for nation’s favorite food.”

Karachi, with less expensive substitutes to nation’s favorite cuisine, also caters upscale pizza eateries including Espresso, Xander’s, and Pantry etc. According to figures available on foodpanda website, Domino’s offers small 8” Chicken Tikka Pizza at Rs.399 all over Pakistan, Mr.Eatz in Lahore offers small 7” Chicken Tikka at Rs.500 and Mattanys in Islamabad offers small 8” pizza for Rs.590.

While the debate over where to find the best pizza and which is the best topping may never end, this pizza index explains how much the price can vary and where to find a pizza for a little less money.


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