Four New Polio Cases Emerge in Pakistan


Four New Polio Cases Emerge in

PESHAWAR – According to National Institute of Health report, four more polio cases found emerge in Pakistan, the toll of polio cases reached to 257 after four reported from Pakhtun belt.

According to National Institute of Health (NIH) four new cases found in Pakhtun belt, three cases emerge in Khyber Pakhtukwa and one from North Waziristan.

This year so far, 22 polio cases have been reported from Karachi, 162 from FATA and 52 from KP 12 cases were reported from Qilla Abdullah district of Balochistan.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) warned Pakistan that more restrictions would be placed on Pakistanis travelling abroad if Pakistan failed to control the spread of polio virus.

According to the country’s health indicators, every year polio cases in the country were increasing. Around 58 cases were reported in 2012, 93 in 2013 and 238 this year.

Balochistan remains polio free free for two years, and last year Punjab declaired polio free but now new cases emerges in province.

 The virus invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours. There is no cure for the disease but it can be prevented by immunization.


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