Pervez Musharraf Smells New War Between India and Pakistan

New War between India and Pakistan and Pervez Musharraf. PakistanTribe.Com

ISLAMABAD – The former President of Pakistan General (rtd.) Pervez Musharraf has warned that India wanted to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan which is a threat for whole region.

Former military strongman made this statement in an exclusive interview to the international news agency AFP.

He maintained that in the twilight of foreign forces’ withdrawal from wartorn Afghanistan, the troubled neighbors could indulge into a proxy war. “The danger for Pakistan is… the Indian influence in Afghanistan,” he told AFP.

“That is another danger for the whole region and for Pakistan because Indian involvement there has an anti-Pakistan connotation. They (India) want to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan,” he added.

Musharraf, in past, have repeatedly claimed in many interviews to foreign and Indian media that India had been supporting Baloch separatists from its stronghold areas at Af-Pak border.

According to AFP, India has tried to gain traction with the Tajik ethnic group, which dominates in northern Afghanistan and Pakistan has sought to use its leverage with the Pashtuns of the country’s south and east who make up the majority of the Taliban.

“If Indians are using some elements of the ethnic entities in Afghanistan, then Pakistan will use its own support for ethnic elements, and our ethnic elements are certainly Pashtuns,” Musharraf said. “So we are initiating a proxy war in Afghanistan. This must be avoided.”


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