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Say No to Graffiti | PakistanTribe.comA few days ago something happened which made me question if our leaders really know what it means to be a leader?

I take along a book to work so that during my break I can read something so I can get somewhere with my hundred book challenge. I left my book on a table where all of us leave our stuff while working with a patient. The table was hardly 4 feet away from where I was working and a group of my colleagues and class fellows were sitting there, half of whom just happen to be PTI fanatics. Well to cut the story short,I finish my work, walk back to find ‘Go Nawaz Go’ written on my book.

I talked to one of the group member the next day and she insisted that what was done was right. So I talked to another class fellow who literally wears his PTI affiliation on his sleeve (or the the front of his overall). I wanted to find one PTI supporter who thought this was wrong.

He agreed that what had happened was wrong but he also thought that I was being over sensitive.Well maybe I was but I believe that these tine, small, casual acts are what culminate and form the culture of a party, community and eventually become a part of our national narrative. Now this may seem like a trivial incidence but I am very  attached to my books and after this I feel violated.Let me be honest and open. I feel hurt and I feel insecure, violated and hurt because these are the same people I spent my college years with. They are all doctors, a number of them will be performing surgeries in less than year. Let me be snide and say if they can write graffiti on my book , how do you know they will not just graffiti on some patients bone before stitching up a wound.

Okay maybe that was an exaggeration but this is a slippery road. You cannot go around destroying other peoples property.

I felt insecure because today it was my book,tomorrow they may decide to spray paint it on my house.Do I need to start hiding my books? Do I need to stop reading in public? I ask these questions from Imran Khan and every person who identifies with PTI. Was the world not Orwellian enough already?

This culture of destroying other peoples property is rife our society.Look around at how walls are painted with advertisements and how your house is plastered with posters and stickers every election season.

PTI claims to be the party that will challenge the status quo.Well dear Insafians guess what- respecting books and other peoples property is what will actually challenge the status quo.Why can we not bring a revolution where people read and discuss instead of  create havoc and violence.

I am amazed at the level of aggression and hatred spewing out of the same people who were perfectly fine with me before the elections.Why this division? Once the elections are over, everybody needs to get together and act in the best interest of Pakistan.

One clear statement by Imran Khan strictly telling his supporters to respect other peoples property will bring a huge change since he has a following and his supporters would pay heed. Imran Khan is a national hero and a leader. He has my utmost respect but the actions of his followers reflect on him.Imran Khan and his party leaders are the only people who can put a stop to this.

Holding Imran Khan responsible for the act of a random follower would be absurd.But as a leader he should denounce actions like this.Being a leader boils down to the fact that he has to emphasise that anything from littering to the attack on PTV centre are unacceptable. He is a leader and will always be held to higher standards.

Imran Khan I voted for you .It is sad that your party followers have developed a bully like attitude.

Respect of life, property and honour are an integral part of our culture and tradition.

‘A Muslim is who from whose tongue and hands other Muslims are safe.’- Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) After quoting this I do not have anything to add. The ball is in your court Insafians. And just incase you are wondering,the book was Zaviya by Ashfaq Ahmed.

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