Police Shot Dead Seven Alleged Militants in Quaid Abad Area of Karachi

Police Operation in Quaid Abad Karachi. PakistanTribe.Com

KARACHI – The largest metropolitan city of Pakistan is again under flash light as seven alleged outlawed militants have been killed in a police crackdown, PakistanTribe correspondent reported.

The police launched the operation on Friday evening over authentic reports. Intelligence tip-off revealed to police that some outlawed militants were taking refuge in Quaid Abad area.

Over this information police raided the localities of Sherpao Colony and Gulshan Bunir. As soon as police entered the localities, militants starting straight firing on the policemen. Later, 500 policemen were called to expand the operation.

Latest updates suggest that at least seven alleged militants were killed in the on-going operation.

Sherpao Colony and Gulshan Bunir are the thickly populated areas Karachi. These areas have witnessed many police operations in the past as well and also believed to have strongholds of many outlawed militants outfits.


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